Tuesday, September 9, 1997

Police criticise ex-IRA informer - More Cover-Up by Mi5, Northumbria Police and the CPS

Sat 09 Sep 1997

Police criticise ex-IRA informer

A former IRA informer has claimed his identity was unwittingly "revealed" by his British handlers. But Northumbria police say he revealed his identity by writing about his activities in his book Fifty Dead Men Walking.

Mr Martin McGartland (27) appeared on the BBC1 programme Here and Now last night to discuss his treatment by British police and the blame, he says, lies with them for putting his life in danger.

Story Link; http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/1997/0906/97093000032.html


Marty Says; "Northumbria Police read out my real name (Martin McGartland) and a my home address in open court. Northumbria Police continue to lie, cover-up and mis-lead, Northumbria Police are a dis-credited force who can never be trusted. It is on public record, reported in press etc and it is also recorded in court transcript that they did so. Northumbria Police continue with their cover-up in my attempted murder case. They are covering-up IRA involvment and also covering-up DNA etc. They could arrest those who shot me if they wanted to. They know who they are and where to find them."