Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Northumbria Police Dirty Tricks and the Cover-Up of attempted murder

Northumbria Police Turning a Blind Eye to attempted murder of Martin McGartland

Northumbria Police press office, under the orders of their Speical Branch, Mi5 and the Home office (including Jack Straw), claimed the Martin McGartland shooting was as a result of a "drugs-related" shooting. However, Northumbria Police were up to their Dirty Tricks. Northumbria Police also knew at that time that it was an IRA hit but they lied, covered-up. Northumbria Police even prevented the medics from getting to Martin McGartland. Martin was left bleeding with six gun shot wounds for 20 minutes. The IRA traced McGartland to his safehouse after Northumbria Police, Special Branch, CPS and Mi5 take a flawed court case against McGartland in 1997. Northumbria Police had managed to publicise Martin McGartland's real name and even his address, telling the IRA hitmen where he was and where he could be found. The IRA shot McGartland 6 times on the 17th June 1999. Martin McGartland said; "Northumbria Police know who shot me and they know where to find them. However, Northumbria Police, Mi5 and the CPS are involved in a cover-up in my case. They are all protecting IRA murders, bombers. Northumbria Police and its YES officers have never charged anyone with my shooting. DNA etc is also being covered up by Northumbria Police.


CS: Pol-Two more shot dead in gang war

Jeff Wood

17 May 2000 16:56:55 -0000

From: "Jeff Wood", [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It will often be true that a firearms death is a narcotics-related matter,
and increasingly that hint will relegate it to the back pages of the
newspapers, where only people like CS subscribers, who have an interest in
the level of shootings, will note it.

However it is not always true, even where the press officer of the local
police force claims it is. When Martin McGartland, the former MI5/RUC agent
was shot, I recall that the matter was first reported as a "drugs-related"

There were complications to this affair: Northumbria Police had managed to
publicise McGartland's real name and address, telling the hitmen where to
call. The police had also prevented medics from getting to the victim. They
had rear ends to cover, and publicity was unwelcome.

McGartland was too well known for the ploy to work for long, but watch out
for it being used again, if it becomes normal for druggie shootings to get
just a para in the papers.

Yours sincerely

Jeff Wood

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