Friday, January 1, 2010

Northumbria Police Cover-Up McGartland's IRA Shooting

Marty McGartland says:- "Northumbria Police, its Yes officers, have been involved in a cover up for 11 years. Northumbria Police know who, within the IRA, shot me, where they can be found. However, Northumbria Police are turing a blind eye to attempted murder."

Marty has asked NP to carry out proper DNA screening, however, NP say they are not willing to do so. There are only a very small numbee of people, IRA members and those connected to it, who could have shot McGartland. However, why then are NP not doing more to arrest, charge those involved. McGartland also stated; "When I complain to Northumbria Police about its failings, failings of its (Yes Men) officers my complaints are simply white-washed. If I go to the IPCC its very same. The CPS have also been got to by Mi5."

Spokesmam for McGartland says; NP, State can not continue doing this for much longer. We will be demanding proper reviews of case papers, files.