Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cops broaden hunt for IRA hit team on McGartland

Sunday World, 16th May 2010


THE hunt for the IRA gang who tried to kill Special Branch spy Marty McGartland has gone international.
Detectives in Northumbria Police are now said to be looking for suspects who may
be living in the Republic, Europe or America.

As the 11th anniversary approaches on the attempted to kill 'Agent Carol', those close to
McGartland hope a breakthrough lies in enhanced DNA evidence now in the hands of
Northumbria Police. Five suspects have been arrested and questioned about the June 1999 attack in
Whitley Bay.

McGartland, then aged 29, was shot six times by a lone gunman but miraculously
survived. Two of those arrested were convicted bombers Henry
'Harry' Fitzsimmons and Scots-born Gary Scott Monaghan.

They were released on bail on November 4, 1999 and had their bail cancelled in January 2000 because
there was not enough evidence to charge them. Three others were also arrested but no charges were

A spokesman for McGartland said he hoped police would make a further appeal for information
next month on the 11th anniversary of his murder bid. “The senior investigating
officer in charge of the case, Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Thomson, has been in contact
with Martin recently about the progress in the case,” said a spokesman.

”He says they are looking to obtain whatever evidence they can and that they have extended their search
internationally for the person who tried to kill him. “He confirmed that the DNA
recovered from the scene has been loaded onto the national DNA database and
his review had improved the quality of the sample

”Although he says it was good to compare with other samples, it was not good enough to load onto the
database. “Now that it is on the national DNA he will be informed of any matches.

”Martin is absolutely convinced that the police know the identities of those involved but there is political
interference from the heart of the British government not to have the arrested and charged for fear it damages
the peace process.”

Published in Sunday World Newspaper, 16th May 2010


Spokesman For McGartland said; Matin has always believed that Northumbria Police, Mi5, CPS (and others) have been involved in a State cover up. The Police, Northumbria Police, have a duty to vigorously investigate Martin's attemped murder, as with all crimes, and to prosecute those who are found to be involved, connected to his 1999 shooting. However, it's Martin's view that Northumbria Police, Mi5, others within the higher echelons of the British State, whom Marty give hes all, have sought to cover up such IRA actions to protect IRA members, it's a total outrage.