Saturday, May 22, 2010

Northumbria Police State Cover up

Northumbria Police, more than 10 years one, continue to cover-up the 1999 IRA shooting of Martin McGartland. The CPS nor Northumbria Police will take action against those involved. McGartland said; "Northumbria Police know who shot me, know where to find them, however, they and the CPS are failing to do anything." Northumbria Police will not carry-out proper reviews of the 1999 shooting case, won't make further public appeals. Martin also said; "The police have refused to give me a copy of my own signed witness statement." Martin also has concerns about the DNA which was recovered in his case, he said; " Northumbria Police are refusing to deal with the DNA correctly. The Police did not even add the DNA to the datebase until 8 or 9 years after the shooting. The Police, in an email to Martin, clailmed that this was because; "it was not good enough" Martin said; "He does not accept this. The Police have been involved in a cover-up for almost 11 years."